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Regardless of what you see in the mirror, working out regularly can help you feel better, both physically and mentally. With Halloween coming up, establishing a workout routine now can help you feel more confident in that costume. But where do you start? Using a variety of gym equipment, you can feel your best come […]

Whether you have at-home gym equipment or you own a fleet of treadmills, the thought of moving them can be a daunting task. They are usually bulky and cumbersome, but fragile enough that they should be handled with utmost care. If you’re thinking about moving gym equipment, please read the following tips from the professionals […]

Home Gyms are a great solution to at home fitness. They provide a variety of strength training exercises all in one machine, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment. Boston home gyms are ideal for those who enjoy staying in shape and using strength training exercises, but don’t always have time to get to […]

Are you looking to get in shape? You have some options for your fitness journey. You know that you want the best options—but does that mean building a home gym, or getting an expensive personal trainer? Take a look at the differences between these options and choose which is best for you. Cost Working with […]

This year, there’s a good chance that at least one of your New Year’s resolutions involves your health. Whether it’s drinking more water, making it to the gym more often, or just to cut back on junk food, becoming a healthier you is at the top of everyone’s list. Here at Fitness Equipment Northeast, we […]

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Giving holiday gifts can be stressful. Each gift you give sends a message to the receiver, and you don’t want to risk sending the wrong message. This is a reason why traditionally, many people don’t give fitness equipment as a gift. However, fitness equipment can be the perfect gift for anyone—see why. Too many people […]

They are one of the most used cardio fitness equipment options out there, but many users are not meeting their fullest potential. Fitness Equipment Northeast wants to help improve your workouts and have a few suggestions:

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If you’ve been looking for another way to focus on self-improvement this month, we have a few ways exercise can help.

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One of the best parts of working with a local business is because our experts will only offer the best to our customers, and BodyCraft is on our shortlist with all of its benefits.

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We can always think of reasons you should shop local, but we believe the most important should be highlighted when it comes to fitness equipment in Boston, MA.