How to Get a Great Workout on the Elliptical

Posted by searchpro on October 26, 2017

Across MA, NH, ME, and the rest of New England, homeowners buy ellipticals every day, but do they knowelliptical ma how to use them? They are one of the most used cardio fitness equipment options out there, but many users are not meeting their fullest potential. Fitness Equipment Northeast wants to help improve your workouts and have a few suggestions:

Know what you want to achieve

It’s essential to have a goal in mind for your elliptical training before even beginning. Do you want to build up endurance? Are you looking to burn as many calories as possible? Do you want to build muscle through resistance training? Take these items into consideration and have a final objective.

Pay attention to your posture

When using an elliptical, your feet should be flat on the pedals, core tight, and back straight. Slouching makes your workout feel easier and in turn, will also impact your results in the end. Also, be sure to use the handles to get in a fuller body workout. Trust us; you’ll feel the difference in the end.

Switch up your routine

Fitness plateaus exist, and they often occur when you don’t switch up your fitness routine. Fortunately, there are different ways to utilize an elliptical to get in various kinds of cardio workouts. Interval training is ideal, and you can change up resistance, speed, and even elevation depending on the machine.

Get rid of the distractions

We understand how tempting it is to use your tablet, TV, or smartphone during your workout to pass the time, but you’re just missing out on the opportunity to make your training better. Eliminating these distractions will improve the way you focus on your body as you work out and ultimately provide better results.

Fitness Equipment Northeast would love to help you find the right elliptical for your needs and teach you different ways to make your workouts more effective.

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