Personal Trainer or Personal Gym?

Posted by searchpro on February 20, 2018

Are you looking to get in shape? You have some options for your fitness journey. You know that you want the best options—but does that mean building a home gym, or getting an expensive personal trainer? Take a look at the differences between these options and choose which is best for you.


Working with a trainer may be less money at the start, but a recurring fee can add up fast. This is especially true if you’re meeting with the trainer monthly or more often. Some trainers require you to meet them at a gym, so you’ll end up paying for a gym membership on top of the training fees.

A home gym will cost more money upfront. However, once you’ve paid for your equipment and setup, there are no more costs. The machines are there to use at any time that’s convenient for you, without a monthly fee.


Some people prefer to work out in private, and others prefer to work with other people. If you’re staying in a home gym, you won’t have anyone to bother you. If you work with a trainer, you’ll have a partner to help you through any lack of motivation. There’s no answer as to which way of working out is better—it depends on your opinion.


A benefit of a personal trainer is that you’ll have someone to motivate you during your workout. However, you can find ways to motivate yourself in your home gym. Try motivational posters or a great workout music mix to keep yourself going.

You don’t need to choose one!

If you start with a home gym and feel like you’re not getting enough from your workouts, you can still hire a personal trainer to make sure your workouts are helping you. It might be more cost-effective to start with a home gym, and then determine later if you need a trainer.

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